Salmon White Bean Spread

Salmon White Bean Spread

Finished salmon white bean spread on a cracker

The recipe is easy and fast to make for a party or event… or for your salmon lover’s snack.

1 lemon for both zest and juice, should equal 1/2 tsp zest & 1 oz juice
1 15 oz  can of white beans drained and rinsed
2 oz of the white bean “juice” reserved
4 to 6 oz salmon filet,  skin off
1 Tbl chopped fresh parsley
tt Kosher Salt, 
tt, pepper


In a bowl add the lemon zest, juice (lemon and bean) and whole beans.
Mash the beans with a stiff tined whisk or fork.
A few beans should be left whole and broken for texture.

Add the parsley and mix again

Fold in the salmon, flaked into chunks,
Make sure it is mixed well with the rest of the ingredients.
Place on pate to serve with crackers or to put into a salad.
Add the rest of the parsley as garnish