Prep for an Indigenized/local dinner

Here’s some of my favorite things from a Indigenized/ local AK dinner  …ak sprouts AK Barley wild riceThe barley and sprouts, as well as seabeans, Rempel’s stripetti squash and fiddlehead ferns came from the Central Farmer’s Market at Sears Mall.  The Ojibwa Wild Rice can be found at and is fresh, cooks super quick and is very nutty.



Welcome to South Anchorage Market

My day started with a visit to the South Anchorage Farmer’s Market on their first Saturday back.  Lots of great plants, tulips, tacos, potatoes, eggs, seafood and more!  I picked up a beautiful strawberry plant from Arthur at Glacier Valley Farms and some potatoes before heading out.Gray Owl Farms always has some amazing flowers and herbs…

And of course the taco truck!

Looking forward to next week at the South Anchorage Market and the opening of the Spenard Farmer’s Market.


This past Saturday, I presented on Alaska’s Food Culture at TEDxAnchorage.

Presenting at TEDxAnchorage

My talk included the wealth of indigenous food knowledge, the locally grown movement and the new technologies that are making an Alaskan food culture exciting.  It was a great experience and I was more than inspired by the other talks from fellow Alaskans.   I’ll look forward to sharing the link to my presentation within the month.

Know what's available locally!

Think Local in the Last Frontier!

FBKS First, Think Local

Local First!!

Just got back from Fairbanks-where winter temperature was -45! I am constantly impressed with the food community in Fairbanks. The farmers markets are really great, hot temps keep winter squash and tomatoes rollin’, in a way that Anchorage just doesn’t see. Basically Basil grows fresh herbs and produces a lot of value added vinegarsspice blends and more to use all year round. Homegrown Market, a local store proudly sells Alaskan meats, produce, honey, baked goods, and more. Really wish that they would open a store in Anchorage!
The CSA order form pictured above has an offering of Alaskan meats and produce, from what I understand, over half of their offering is local! Can’t think of another retail outfit in the state that has this kind of selection, hooray Homegrown!

Cooking with Coffee

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This was a project highlighting the winter root harvest in Alaska. You can find a year round Alaskan market with veggies, dairy, beef, pork, poultry and more at The Center Market, located at the Sears Mall Wednesday from 10 to 6.
They are in doors for the winter.