Making Sauces in Fairbanks

Last weekend I drove up to Fairbanks to my co-packer and made our first batch of sauces for wholesale, as well as some samples.

Harvest 49 Alaskan Cocktail Sauce

Mixing it up with the Moosetard folks!

Wholesale buckets

Next time we’re hoping to do a larger batch.  Looking forward to some placement in the Anchorage farmers market soon…  Stay tuned.

Beautiful time in Fairbanks!

Think Local in the Last Frontier!

FBKS First, Think Local

Local First!!

Just got back from Fairbanks-where winter temperature was -45! I am constantly impressed with the food community in Fairbanks. The farmers markets are really great, hot temps keep winter squash and tomatoes rollin’, in a way that Anchorage just doesn’t see. Basically Basil grows fresh herbs and produces a lot of value added vinegarsspice blends and more to use all year round. Homegrown Market, a local store proudly sells Alaskan meats, produce, honey, baked goods, and more. Really wish that they would open a store in Anchorage!
The CSA order form pictured above has an offering of Alaskan meats and produce, from what I understand, over half of their offering is local! Can’t think of another retail outfit in the state that has this kind of selection, hooray Homegrown!