Whiteout Wit=Freakin’ Delish@ La Bodega!

We got an email from La (EveryonelovespamelaYAY!) Bodega talking about the new Anchorage Brewing Company beer-Whiteout Wit.

Whiteout Wit-Yummers!

I didn’t hear anything about a new brewery, sounded good enough(former head brewer of Midnight Sun). I found a bottle waiting for me when I got home one day recently. The smell was spicy and earthy. The flavor was refreshing with gutsy tones of citrus, coriander and notes of vanilla. I tend to be a “practical ” beer drinker with monetary caps on what I spend.

I enjoy La Bodega(Pamela, Tom and crew) for celebrating great, accessible finds that may be more than the average priced, but always worth it for the experience.
For a good time look up the La Bodega beer and wine club. Sign up for the emails, and you too, will have your finger on the beverage pulse of Anchortown.
La Bodega Anchorage