Winter Farmers Markets

potatoesPeople have been asking when and where the farmer’s markets are for Anchorage in the winter.  Right now, there are three that I know of…

The Center Market at Sears Mall

600 East Northern Lights Blvd inside the Benson entrance

Wed 11a to 6p  Sat 11a to 7p

Vendors include: AD Farm organic, Country Health Foods, Rempel Family Farm, Northern Lights Mushrooms, Capriccio Specialties, Earthworks Farm and Abeille Alaska, Alaska Sprouts.

From their website:  Inside No Matter The Weather!
Fresh Organic Produce – Pork  –  Seafood – Spices
Local Honey  –  Goat Cheese  –  Free Range Eggs
Sausage  –  Mushrooms  – Duck  – Chicken
Natural Cosmetics and more!

South Anchorage Winter Market

Inside the Dimond Center above Old Navy

10am to 4pm Saturdays

It’s a fairly new winter market but in recent weeks vendors have included:  Glacier Valley Farms, Alaska Sprouts, Mat Valley Meats, Arctic Choice Seafoods, Honey Bucket ranch, Stockwell Family Farm, Maryjane’s Breads and Earthworks Farm.

Palmer Monday Market  This is brand new and will take place on Monday’s at the Palmer Depot. It started from a Food Day celebration that happened about a week ago.. so if you are in Palmer on Monday’s check out the depot!

Lowdown on the Local goods

So we were out and about this fine Saturday.  Saw friends and food at the Premiere Spenard Market and South Anchorage Farmers Market.  AK Dispatch Article on Local markets lowdown 

Local Produce is slim this time of year, but great food is abound in Spenard and in South Anchorage.  Below are a couple of pics from out adventures.

Can’t wait to cook up our “Red Ranger” local bird!  According to Kyle, they were very popular last week, he hopes to keep up with demand!

Los Tacos- Carlos is a former “T-Bird” as he pointed out to my wife, we went to school together, that said he makes his own flour tortillas and Mexican food.  I had the Pork Flautas and Beef Tacos- The salsa was mildly spicy with a rich flavor that kept giving after you were done(Baja salsa was awesome).  The tortillas were tender and fluffy with a great chew.  Highly recommend talking to “Los”, he can throw down!

AK Sprouts were at the South Anchorage Market, highlighting their diversity in sprouts and offering local tofu.  Their tofu is really dense, resulting in a great texture and character. They were sold out of their onion sprouts… The secret is out, they are phenom!

The markets are off to a great start!  Hope to see you out there!



Under the Windmill...Down in Spenard....

Los Tacos @ SAFM, Makes his own tortillas, good mexican food to go.

AK Sprouts at the SAFM, showcasing the variety.

Picked one of these "beauts" up, can't wait to cook! (At the South Anchorage Market)


Farmer’s Markets Opening Up!

It’s about that time again in Alaska!

The South Anchorage Farmer’s Market will be opening this weekend and Spenard Farmer’s Market next weekend.  Fresh produce is a little ways away, but there will be starter plants and other goodies !  For a full list and info on all the Alaskan Farmer’s Markets visit the Alaska Farmer’s Market Association website.  We will see you there!!