Busy, busy…

It started about a month ago… I went dark because we were surprising my mother-in-law with an 80th birthday party in South Carolina. Prior to this we were busy with a few radio appearances and a cooking demonstration for Family day at the Museum(featuring local veggies).

Over the month I have been getting a chance to do some pretty cool stuff- Staged at HUSK, in Charleston, cooked from a farmers market in Bluffton, and finally got to shop at a Piggly Wiggly… OK, Piggly Wiggly more of a novelty…
Once back in AK we hit the ground running with an ANTHC Diabetes conference presentation on traditional foods and food culture, a few cater outs and a 500 person five course event for the First Alaskans Institute – Howard Rock and Ted Stevens Smokehouse Gala- I wrote and coordinated the menu it was super fantastic to use traditional foods(that could be sourced for a hotel) and traditional food cooking techniques to emphasize the importance of Alaska’s first people, traditions and heritage.
A few more catering gigs, working on some new years resolutions and i guest chef gig that will reach into the new year…Better get cracking!

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