Moose Meatballs(Gluten free) with Hoppin’John and hearty greens



I catered for a client that requested we use some of her moose for an entree. She is also gluten intolerant. This was the end result!

We flavored the meatballs with some partially rendered bacon, herbs, garlic and to add some moisture, we incorporated milk soaked Rice Chex-Make sure if you use this as a gluten free option, that the box states “Gluten Free” it ensures that the cereal is produced on clean equipment.

It is the holiday season- if you need a caterer, drop a line!

Busy, busy…

It started about a month ago… I went dark because we were surprising my mother-in-law with an 80th birthday party in South Carolina. Prior to this we were busy with a few radio appearances and a cooking demonstration for Family day at the Museum(featuring local veggies).

Over the month I have been getting a chance to do some pretty cool stuff- Staged at HUSK, in Charleston, cooked from a farmers market in Bluffton, and finally got to shop at a Piggly Wiggly… OK, Piggly Wiggly more of a novelty…
Once back in AK we hit the ground running with an ANTHC Diabetes conference presentation on traditional foods and food culture, a few cater outs and a 500 person five course event for the First Alaskans Institute – Howard Rock and Ted Stevens Smokehouse Gala- I wrote and coordinated the menu it was super fantastic to use traditional foods(that could be sourced for a hotel) and traditional food cooking techniques to emphasize the importance of Alaska’s first people, traditions and heritage.
A few more catering gigs, working on some new years resolutions and i guest chef gig that will reach into the new year…Better get cracking!